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Wisent (European bison) hunting in Belarus

Wisent (European Bison) huntingWisent (European Bison, Bison Bonasus) is the largest mammal in Belarus. Body length reaches 320 cm, height – 200 cm, a male’s weight – 820 kg. Wisent is a herd animal, in a herd there are some 15-20 animals led by an old expert female. Wisent adult males join a herd only in the mating season. Sometimes males form small unisexual herds. Often old wisents of both sexes stand along. Usually wisent goes slowly, but in case of need they can run well. Wisent swims well. Its sense of smell is perfect, the ear is good, the sight is poor. Wisent is careful; in the wild nature it’s difficult to approach it.

In the historical times the wisent areal was spread on a large territory including western, central and eastern parts of Europe. In all the times wisent was a popular object of the hunting game. In the XIV-XIX centuries it was extinguished almost completely in Europe. In Belarus the last savage wisent was shot in the 1919. In the 1946 wisents were bought again for Belarus.

    Actually in Belarus the wisent population exceeds one thousand. There are 8 savage sub-populations.