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Capercaillie hunting in Belarus
    Capercaillie huntingThe Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) is one of the oldest species in the world. Mysterious and beautiful, provokes fantasies of all hunters. Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) singing can be heard in many parts of Europe, but hunting is prohibited in most countries. Belarus invites you to experience the most impressive moments of Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) hunting. Accompanied by the best gamekeepers in the country can enjoy dancing and singing Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) visiting the most beautiful mating-places to see the Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) singing, fighting and finally, shot and take it as the best hunt trophy in your life. Enjoy the best moments of Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) hunting. You will never forget this experience Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) gives you in Belarus!