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Moose huntingOne of the typical hunting games in Belarus is the moose hunting in its rutting (lure).

Hunting this enormous animal in the season of its rut (lure) it’s necessary to understand its habits, to orient in the territory, to have precise shooting skills, iron nerves and self-control.

In Belarus the beginning of the rut (lure) can be guessed by initial signs already at the end of august. There are trees trunks (mainly pines, sometimes birches and aspen) barked.

The next moose rut (lure) signs will be “kopki”. So called pits made by a noose with its hoofs in a place when a moose female in lure has urinated. A presence of “kopki” shows that the moose rut (lure) has reached its apogee. More active moose rut periods are afterglow and daybreak. In a week, a week and a half the rut (lure) finishes. In Belarus overall the total period of the moose rut (lure) extended almost up to a month is subdivided in three parts – beginning of the rut (lure), apogee of the rut (lure) and finish of the rut (lure).

Mooses full of strength are more active in the beginning of the rut (lure). In that period they are more mobile and looking for a female respond a calling easy.

A hunter calling may imitate moose male and/or female voices.

In Belarus when the rut (lure) is finishing a hunter may shoot a big trophy moose only by chance. Young mooses (4-6 points) especially in that period begin to look for females in a delayed lure, they answer and go to the calling very easy.