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Partridge hunting in Belarus

Partridge huntingIn Belarus partridge favorite living space are agricultural fields, in bushes and boundaries, often near villages and towns. Partridge forms big groups up to 30 heads.

In Belarus it’s recommendable to start hunting game at 7-8 a.m. when partridge is sill on open space and at the evening after 17 p.m. In overcast days hunting game may be held all day long.

Due to often a partridge run a long while before a dog and excite it, in Belarus partridge hunting game with novice pointing dogs is not advisable. The later on the partridge becomes more careful, and in the second half of September, October it’s to go to partridge hunting only with a self-possessed dog with a good nose.

During hunting game put up partridge fly up in one group and fly to a significant distance – up to 300-500 m. On broken terrain sometimes it’s impossible to catch sight of where they have moved, but knowing that partridge fly more or less directly, a hunter with a good dog will find them again. After 2-3 raises usually partridge group is divided and hunting game is continued to small ones or separate birds.

Certainly in Belarus partridge hunting game success mainly depends on knowing the terrain and partridge habits.

The closer to the winter the partridge becomes more cautious and hunting game is more difficult.