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Roe Deer hunting in Belarus

Roe deer huntingRoe deer (roebuck) is a quite big animal which weight reaches 55 kg and height is about 90 cm.

In Belarus roe deer (roebuck) hunting game is carried out in driven mode, from hide, with call, stalking.

The driven hunt is not very complicated. Knowing a forest part where roe deer (roebuck) traces were found and also a favorite direction of escaping it’s possible to do a driven hunt with a minimum of hunters.

During roe deer (roebuck) mating season a hunting game with a call may be carried out. Imitating roe deer (roebuck) female voice in that period (from the middle of July till the end of August) hunters call roe deer (roebuck) males.

Hunting in hide from towers. The advantage of hide form towers consists in the fact that for roe deer (roebuck) it’s more difficult to smell and/or hear a man, but a hunter sees farther ahead and disquiets an animal less.

In Belarus stalking hunting game is considered as more active.

Stalking hunting game is carried out only at dawn: in the early morning hours all hoofed mammals and roe deer (roebuck) in particular graze or go to sleep on fewer alert in comparison with day or gloaming.

In day and bright evening time roe deer (roebuck) gazes on an open territory only where it’s not disturbed. In Belarus in noisy areas roe deer (roebuck) leaves forest only in the dark.

The most successful stalking hunting game may occur after a long bad weather. The first calm morning is to be profited. When it’s rainy and windy in the forest it’s dripping and roe deer (roebuck) seeks to go to open space and it’s easier to approach to animals in that time comparing with a dry weather.

       In roe deer (roebuck) stalking hunting game the outerwear correct selection is very important. The fabric should be light, warm and silent. The color is to imitate natural colors of the ambient.