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Snipe hunting in Belarus

In Belarus snipe reaches a weight of 170 g, its body doesn’t exceed 27 cm.

Snipe hunting In spring when snipe’s mating period begins in Belarus often it’s possible to see snipe males leking. Dramatically diving from a considerable height a male snipe emits a specific bleating sound with its tail feathers.

In the flying away period the snipe is less mobile due to its fat and allows hunters to approach closer. Just in that time snipe hunting (shooting) is realized. In Belarus the snipe hunting (shooting) begins from the second Saturday of July.

The main mode of snipe hunting (shooting) is considered the hunting with pointing dogs. It’s realized at dawn in inundated swamps as well in waterlogged riversides and lakes shores. Sometimes it’s possible to find snipe in peat bogs.

Rose snipe flies very fast making zigzags. Only marksman can catch a shooting moment in such virtuosic fly. That is why snipe hunting (shooting) is fascinating and exceptionally sporting in Belarus.