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Wild Boar hunting in Belarus

Wild boar huntingWild Boar (sus scrofa) is a species of the pig genus Sus, part of the biological family Suidae. Wild Boar body length is up to 2 m. Height – 1 m. An old Wild Boar weights some 300 kg. Hunting a Wild Boar it’s necessary to remember that it’s a very serious and dangerous animal particularly when a Wild Boar is injured and chased.

Wild Boar hunting game from hide in Belarus

This hunting game mode is used by hunters everywhere it’s possible to find the Wild Boar. More often a hunting game from a hide is organized at feeding places, some times close to paths to such places, and in addition near pools and stagnant basins where the Wild Boar takes its slush baths.

A Wild Boar coming is accompanied by sticks crunch and a noise the hunting game object produces with its movement. Before leaving a forest a Wild Boar calms down and is listening and smelling for a ling time. If a Wild Boar doesn’t feel anything it enters the open space. Then a hunting game subject is to take aim well and end that hunting game stage.

Wild Boar stalking hunting in Belarus

When eating a Wild Boar is not so careful and produces a lot of noise. Orienting to noise, crunches, Wild Boar eating sounds a hunter approaches to a Wild Boar. He should come against a wind. The hunter’s footwear and outerwear are to be comfortable, light and soft to emit less noise. It’s advisable to start hunting game in the twilight.

Wild Boars driven hunting in Belarus

It’s a hunting game mode more available for Belarus hunters and therefore is the most popular. Its essence consists in beaters chain is trying to push Wild Boars to shooters which are waiting for them.

If shooters stand in places of a insufficient visibility the hunting game chief asks beaters to make less noise. So Wild Boars come slower and a shooter has more possibilities to hit the mark.